Custom Order

If a player does not find what they are looking for in the online store, a custom order can be placed.

To clarify, I don’t make “custom” flutes in the sense of doing unusual tunings, specialty art or decoration or anything else similarly “off menu”. That’s not the type of custom work being referred to.

By a custom order I mean that a player can contact me and request that I make them one of my standard flutes in a key/tuning that I currently offer and from a material that I stock or (upon occasion and with certain caveats) that the player provides. Periodically I will customize a flute with ergonomic adjustments to make it playable (such as left-handed flutes), but such flutes are not covered by my usual return policy. Contact me for details.

The advantage of a custom order is that the player can get specifically what they want on an approximate timeline without having to keep checking the store to find out if I happen to make exactly what they are after.

There is no deposit required for a custom flute, and no pre-payment is accepted. I provide an estimated time to completion that is just an estimate! I work alone and there are many unforeseen variables that can impact my work schedule, so I can’t guarantee a delivery time on custom orders.

Also please take note that I work on stock flutes for my store concurrently with custom orders. I’ve had some customers wonder why their custom flute was not yet complete when new stock was still being added to the online store. I divide my time between these tasks, and being on the custom order waiting list does not mean that I exclusively work with such orders until they are complete. About half of my time goes to custom orders, and half to stock flutes.

So to place a custom order, simply e-mail me to discuss the details.